Comicpalooza 2017 - Hero Collage

Project Details

Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest comic book and pop culture festival – It features celebrity guests, discussion panels, games, sports, autograph and photo sessions, cosplay and a wide variety of other programs for the pop culture enthusiast. This illustration’s main purpose was to summarize what this wide-sweeping event is in a fun, colorful fashion that’s flexible for a range of applications – initially print advertising at a range of sizes from posters to full-page ads and cover spots.

The blue radial burst pattern is an established graphic element of Comicpalooza branding and is a pattern that appears in nearly all of Comicpalooza’s marketing and signage materials – naturally that would serve as the jumping off point for this illustration. The smaller elements bursting from the center were created as part of Comicpalooza’s social media efforts and represent the various fandoms the con appeals to – movies, comic books, board games, videogames, sports, writing and literature.

  • Client Comicpalooza
  • Created by LD Forrest
  • Date May 2017
  • Skills Adobe Illustrator
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Houston, Texas hosts Comicpalooza annually so the ‘heroes’ were chosen with an intent to represent both the Comicpalooza con as well as Houston culture – the cowgirl and the astronaut specifically. The astronaut is pulling double-duty as NASA and the sci-fi genre typically have a large presence at the event. The zombie and BMX bike rider are more representative of the talent you can find at the event – BMX for the extreme sports exhibitions and the zombie for the celebrity guests from AMC’s hit television show, The Walking Dead. Lastly the other heroes represent the fandom tracks of the event – the graffiti artist for the large showing of comic and graphic novel artists and the mercenary as a generic videogame-esque character for the growing eSports portion of the con.

This illustration was well-received by the Comicpalooza staff and was used well beyond its original scope to appear on trading cards, event badges, canvas bags, wall graphics, video boards and stage décor at the event. This illustration is already planned to be an ongoing element of Comicpalooza branding and I’ve begun plans on expanding it with more characters and creatures to evolve it into an even more encompassing representation of the fun-filled Comicpalooza event.

This hero-collage was created in Adobe Illustrator, took approximately 80 hours to complete and was set up in a couple of different arrangements to better fit a variety of applications – some of which are shown below.