G-Force Motorsports

Project Details

G-Force Motorsports is Houston’s number one General Motors speed shop, and as such, they wanted to up their presence both at their shop and at Houston’s premier drag racing track – Royal Purple Raceway. Under a tight deadline to have advertisements ready before Texas 2k 2017 – one of Texas’ largest racing events – I worked with the owners of G-Force to update their logo, develop new materials for communicating with their clients and put together a striking billboard to reach potential future customers.

  • Client G-Force Motorsports
  • Created by LD Forrest
  • Date March 2017
  • Skills Illustrator, Photoshop
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Along with the billboard, I also created a postcard for passing along offers to clients and help spread positive word of mouth. This postcard was paired with a branded USB drive that contains videos and charts of dyno pulls – a diagnostic test performed on vehicles to measure engine horsepower, torque and fine-tune engine performance. These small additions help make positive impressions that make the client's experience feel more personalized and as unique as the cars they drive away in.