LD Forrest Graphic Design


Date:May 2012

Model:Nicole Marsh

Category:Photo Manipulation

Based on the concept that what if being immortal just meant you lived in a world where time never advanced, Becoming Infinite shows how adding a simple element to a photo can create a wonderful and interesting twist.

Becoming Infinite
Photo Manipulation by LD Forrest

If you move the slider over the image you can see a before and after overlay of the stock photo by Nicole Marsh and the final art piece.

Multiple shots of the water droplets were combined so they would fill the photo more densely and depth was created by blurring some of the peripheral droplets.

Prints available, contact me for details.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Water Droplets

While I did edit Nicole’s outfit, makeup and hair, the most obvious addition is the water droplets. This was created from a photo of a shower head that was slightly obstructed to create droplets instead of streams of water. A fast shutter caught the droplets frozen and floating in time – perfect for the concept of this piece.