LD Forrest Graphic Design


Date:July 2014

Model:Ida Mary Walker

Category:Photo Manipulation

Starting as a concept for a book cover I was commissioned for, this photo manipulation got set aside but was too interesting to leave unfinished. A rainy afternoon a few weeks later I gave the original image some more attention and brought the elements together into what you see here – a futuristic dystopia where the atmosphere is unfit to breathe.

Photo Manipulation by LD Forrest

If you move the slider over the image you can see a before and after overlay of the stock photo by Ida Mary Walker and the final art piece.

The model was cut from the solid grey backdrop and replaced with a dilapidated interior. The lighting and coloring of the image was significantly altered to set a mood that matched the model’s expression – a concerned and serious stare from beyond the hood of her coat. I then focused on the smaller details, the color of her hair and the glow of the breathing apparatus. Lastly, what is clearer in prints, I added particles to the air to further emphasize the hazards of the air in this make-believe portrait.

Prints available, contact me for details.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop