LD Forrest Graphic Design

Client:Houston First Corporation

Date:September 2015

Category:Print Layout and Design

Winner - 2016 America Marketing Association Crystal Award for Print Collateral & Direct Marketing

Houston First Corporation is the entity leading the way in marketing Houston as a top tier, world-class destination. They market to various forms of travelers – business, corporate, meetings and leisure to name a few. Houston First also manages various theater, meeting, hotel and parking facilities around Houston. This book is presented to newly-elected city officials to explain what the organization does, how it benefits the city and what their long-term goals are for the various aspects of Houston they oversee.

Houston First Book


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What is Houston First Booklet
Print Design and Layout by LD Forrest

This book needed to clearly explain what Houston First is, identify the facilities they manage today and paint a picture of the long-term projects they have going on all around Houston. This 44-page book required detailed planning to combine such a wide array of information with a cohesive design that was interesting – after all, no one wants a book detailing dreams and ambitions to be boring. A clean and modern styling for both the images and the typography was the result. Giving the book a futuristic quality that pairs well with the fact that a good portion of this book is looking ahead on what Houston will be in the decades ahead. The book was well received and serves as an excellent support piece for the executive staff at Houston First. The information pertinent to new city officials is clearly presented and Houston First’s vision of the city’s future is echoed in the colorful, energetic design of the spreads.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop