LD Forrest Graphic Design

Client:Greater Houston CVB, Padilla CRT

Date:June 2014

Category:Data Visualization

This was a fun data visualization project that took a couple of weeks to complete. The Houston CVB's public relations team needed a piece to creatively show a myriad of facts about Houston to people who may be unfamiliar with America’s fourth largest city. It was originally used electronically in the long format shown below, but each section was also used individually on social media and in other PR pitches where the very tall graphic wouldn’t work..

Houston Infographic
Illustration by LD Forrest

The PR team at the Houston CVB provided the copy, but the rest was left to my imagination. Visualizing such a wide range of information in one piece was a challenge. I didn’t want the sections to start and end abruptly. Since the viewer would be scrolling down through the graphic I wanted it to flow more like a story - each section fading into the next.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Cut Material
Original Title Section

Some of the original content was cut because, believe it or not, the first version of this document was about twice as long (nearly 20 feet long when printed). All of the content was condensed for a tighter presentation that made it easier for the reader to follow along.

Two Column Version

The PR team really liked the graphic, but it’s odd dimensions limited it’s applications, so to get the absolute most use of the infographic I also created a 2-column version that is in more traditional dimensions for either printing or including in emails. It’s difficult to spend so much time working on something to then dramatically change its presentation and re-imagine it in a different way. Overall the 2-column version works well, but I think I still favor the original layout – awkward as it may be.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator