LD Forrest Graphic Design


Date:March 2016

Category:Illustration, Print Design

Houston hosted the 2016 NCAA Men’s Final Four Championship and as part of celebrating the event I worked with the NCAA LOC to create giveaway posters, wall décor and event invitations. The NCAA and Final Four logos are trademarks of NCAA/Turner and were used with permission in creating the materials included on this page.

NCAA Final Four Media Event
Print Invitation

The Final Four media party was held at a Houston venue with a unique speakeasy theme, this afforded the opportunity to pair college basketball with an unexpected art deco theme. Carried throughout the materials for this event was a black and gold color pallet and in the art deco elements you’ll find hidden basketball references including nets, basketballs, court graphics and the number 4 – even elements grouped into 4’s – to further tie the piece to the mega-sporting event.

The 6” square invitation graphics were turned 45 degrees to give the flat invitations a unique diamond-shape twist that continuing the roaring 20’s theme of glamour and glitz that put over the top by being printed on gold metallic stock. Paired with matching gold flap envelopes these invitations pulled the art deco and basketball themes together very coherently to form a unique and memorable invitation.

Final Four Giveaway Posters
Poster One

This poster served as wall décor at the official NCAA Final Four Media Party and was a unique giveaway poster distributed to attendees as a keepsake to commemorate the 2016 Final Four championship. In this poster, the Houston skyline serves as a backdrop for the NCAA trophy. The border is a continuation of the art deco theme of the party that was started in the invitations.

Final Four Giveaway Posters
Poster Two

This poster was wall décor for the venue of the media party. While similar to the giveaway poster, this poster served as a means to thank the official sponsors of the event – Super Bowl LI Host Committee and Greater Houston Partnership. As with the other poster, the basketball elements blend with the art deco elements. “Come Ready to Play” was the official slogan of the Houston Final Four.