LD Forrest Graphic Design


Date:May 2014

Model:Jessica Truscott

Category:Photo Manipulation

This is one of my favorite just-for-fun projects. “The Lost” shows a young woman moving through the hallway of a dilapidated building. Light and dust are falling from the top of the image, directing the eyes toward Jessica’s face, whose expression is a mix of both worry and curiosity. It isn’t obvious if she is there as an adventurer or as some sort of damsel in distress. Leaving it up to the viewer to create the rest of the story helps the art feel more relatable and adds a little mystery.

The Lost by LD Forrest
The Lost
Photo Manipulation by LD Forrest

If you move the slider over the image you can see a before and after overlay of the stock photo by Jessica Truscott and the final art piece.

Jessica’s original photo was very dark and moody, I started by matching this emotion and tried to place her in a very dark setting but the fringe of her outfit and unconventional gesture of her hand kept getting lost in the shadows and it seemed as though I was lessening the original photo instead of enhancing it.

I then went a different direction and assembled a background which put a highlight behind her outstretched hand. When paired with the light rays and dust coming from the top of the photo, the viewer’s eyes are guided diagonally down the image, bounce off the damaged wall and cross back across her outfit to catch all of the details in her outfit – giving emphasis to everything I love about the original photograph.

Prints available, contact me for details.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop