Project Details

Avenida Houston made its debut in first-quarter 2017, serving as part of the downtown Houston convention and event space for peripheral activations celebrating Super Bowl LI.

Avenida Houston is a multi-function meeting, dining, plaza and general play-place in the heart of downtown Houston. It hosts private events for meeting attendees at the George R. Brown Convention Center, a seasonal live music series called Party on the Plaza and serves as a connecting point between Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park, the convention center and Discovery Green. It also serves as canvas to a variety of public art installations each year.

As such a versatile space, the Avenida branding needed to be extremely flexible for a wide range of uses, from intimate evening soirées, fashion shows, local live musical performances and overflow space for large events and meetings.

The name Avenida was decided by stakeholders and originates from the street that the plaza is located on, Avenida de las Americas. The logo is both an interpretation of a street sign, a nod to the name’s origin and a more abstract representation of a corner stone – an integral connecting piece to entertainment in the heart of downtown.

Since 2017, the Avenida branding has spread to shops and the three main parking garages that surround the area – Avenida North, South and Central Parking. The skybridges connecting the two large hotels that bookend the plaza were wrapped in vinyl graphics to help frame the area and double as wayfinding for both parking directions and pedestrians traveling to and from the major sports complexes located just beyond the Avenida footprint.

Advertising, signage, digital display boards, motion graphics and even a snow globe - this project has involved a well-rounded approach to marketing in almost all media forms and the logo and brand system has held up well to any task thrown at it.