Project Details

Bob’s A/C and Heat is a greater Houston area service provider that was looking to celebrate 50 years of operation with a limited-run logo that would appear in print advertisements, marketing materials and social media campaigns in addition to tightening up the reigns on their existing brand materials with a system for consistent logo reproduction across mediums and media platforms.

To address the latter this meant updating their existing logo with a safe color palette for reproduction on both print and digital fronts, updating their typography and consistent tone of voice as well as providing a brand standards book to show them how all the pieces can come together to work as a whole.

Armed with this, after their anniversary year they are well prepared for any situation in which they want to grow, market or update with a guidebook to help them make decisions confidently to amplify their voice with cohesion across platforms.

With a friendly name and a familiar face there wasn’t much due for updating in their regular mark, this project was an exercise in establishing usage guidelines and establishing a color palette to project a friendly and professional tone. Set up with detailed graphic standards book and examples of advertising and social media marketing, Bob's is set up for success for the next 50 years!